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Client ConnectionThose managing law firms have a lot on their minds, so managing receivables often falls low on their list of priorities. Because they are unsure what to do, they keep using the same collection techniques they have long used to manage and collect their receivables, despite the fact that they are unproductive. Recognizing that they need to get out of that rut, many firms turn to Client Connection. Managing receivables is our livelihood. It is what we do -- all that we do -- and we do it well.

Let's start by making one thing clear. We are not a collection agency. What we do is work with our clients to manage their receivables, including helping them get paid, while placing a premium on keeping the client relationship strong.

The Client Connection team is comprised of experienced professionals who have the background and skills needed to help resolve law practice collection problems. When you work with Client Connection, our consultants will first get to know your firm, understand your practice, your culture and the causes of the difficulties you are experiencing. We know that no two firms are alike. We bring to bear the knowledge and experience acquired from serving many other law firms. Then we assess your particular situation, work with you to develop solutions to address your immediate needs, and design strategies to prevent such problems from recurring in the future.

Most of our clients are strong, well-managed law firms with a large number of receivables that do not get paid -- and continue to grow. The simplest approach is to ignore receivables and hope they will magically get paid. The smart and effective approach – the one that many law firms nationwide have taken – is contacting Client Connection to help them develop and implement a proactive accounts receivable management program.

Firms choose to work with Client Connection in different ways. Some prefer to have our consultants come into their offices and work directly with the lawyers to manage and collect receivables; others are comfortable when we work in our own offices. We work with you in whatever way best suits your firm's needs and culture.

The success of our client relationships is of paramount importance to us, and we know that our best source of new clients is the satisfied clients we have served over the years. We are proud that we can use every client we have ever served as a reference. Don't take our word for the quality of our work product and our service. Ask the people who have entrusted their accounts receivables to us, frequently more than once. We'll be happy to give you their names.

When firms retain Client Connection, they can expect results:

  • Workable solutions to accounts receivable problems
  • Fewer aged receivables and solutions to problem accounts
  • Stronger relationships with clients, with less tension caused by collection disagreements
  • Less stress for lawyers, who are relieved to be freed from the task of managing receivables so they can concentrate on their practices
  • Strategic planning for accounts receivable

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